Patient Care

Daytime Sleepiness Questionnaire

Gauge your sleepiness to see whether you should speak to your doctor.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale for Daytime Sleepiness

0 = No chance of dozing.
1 = Slight chance of dozing.
2 = Moderate chance of dozing.
3 = High chance of dozing.

Give each situation a score.

Sitting and reading

Watching television 

Sitting inactive in a public place

While a passenger in a car without a break

Laying down to rest in the afternoon when circumstances permit

Sitting and talking to someone

Sitting quietly after lunch without alcohol

In a car, while stopped in traffic for a few minutes

Now total up your scores.

0 – 10 Points: Normal
10 – 12 Points: Borderline
12 – 24 Points: Speak to your physician